Hearts of Men Progress | Update 5


Friends, contributors, intercessors and fellow warriors in the trenches with us - THANK YOU. The photo above was taken in Phoenix right after the TrueFace community screened Hearts of Men and prayed for our producer, Jason Pamer, and I. Needless to say, it was a landmark moment for us. It's been an insanely long and difficult 7 year road to get to this point, but Hearts of Men has been "locked." This is an industry term simply meaning that we can move forward with the post-production process -  the tedious weeks of making the film look and sound as beautiful as possible so you can see it.


The team and I are working around the clock on custom music, color grading, sound design, visual effects, title sequences and everything in between until we have the film's final audio mixed, which is usually the last step in the process. Post production will likely take all of the summer months to accomplish due to several moving parts and a continuing budgetary restraint. Now, a few amazing things to report:

+) Hearts of Men has been privately screened in front of roughly 2,000 people - all of whom gave us trusted critical feedback which our producers incorporated into the edit of the film prior to it being locked. Nice to get that feedback before you release something of this magnitude instead of after, right?

+) Private screenings of Hearts of Men were held at Josh McDowell's "Set Free Summit" in partnership with Covenant Eyes and Focus on the Family. Incredibly honest and helpful feedback was given at both events which greatly blessed and challenged our team.

+) Satoshi Noguchi (a fascinating audio engineer who has mixed audio and music for films like TRON: Legacy, Oblivion, Foxcatcher, Dark Knight Rises, Transformers, Man of Steel, Age of Adaline, do I need to keep going?) has agreed to mix the audio for Hearts of Men. We are speechless! This will take our quality to a whole new level.

+) Brian Bird (Executive Producer for Hearts of Men and also the recent film released nationwide "Captive,") recently shared this with us after watching our film, "Of all the projects I have worked on over the years, I’m not sure there has ever been one that is so deeply relevant, moving, beautifully produced and potentially explosive from a ministry perspective. It’s all about how God loves us through our frailties of temptation, addiction and sexual failings, and is already preparing the way back home for us."

+) Jeremy Affeldt (former World Series champion with the San Francisco Giants and Executive Producer for Hearts of Men) recently watched our film and said: "This is the best thing Larissa and I have ever invested in."

+) I (Tony) am writing the score for the film and recording it piece by piece at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville with my orchestrator Brandon Collins. I am blown away by Brandon's talent and his ability to give himself to our film since he's already involved in orchestrating for One Republic as they release their new record. Together, Brandon and I have made great progress establishing a beautiful, rich and elegant sound for the film's musical ethos using just a string quintet. I'm elated.

+) We are looking to finish post production in the next 10 weeks


We can't wait to finish the film, and once we do you will hear from us about WHERE you can see it, WHEN and HOW. We are intentionally not releasing information right now since we don't want to add clutter or confusion, something I have done in previous updates by trying to predict when we'll be done! Do pray intentionally and specifically for our team and our families. And do let us know if you'd like to give as we have a remaining financial need of $60,000. That cash will go right to the post production process and alleviate a lot of stress and strain from our executive team.

Please let my team and I know if we can help you in any capacity.