Hearts of Men Progress | Update 3

Progress & Needs:

Our team was just presented with the first cut of the Hearts of Men film last week. Even in its most raw, unrefined and unfinished state, we unanimously saw that the story we're going to release has raw power all over it.

The road ahead is pretty clear - we need our editor to begin cutting away the excess (usually a 3-4 month process to get the story to sit just right, which sometimes involves filming additional content just to fill in missing information). Then we'll move to what's called a "lock" or a "locked edit" - this is a version of the film that we can send out for color correction, sound design, original music, visual effects and translation.

Our producer, Jason, is in pursuit of our primary distribution channel to release the film through in 2016. We've been leaning largely against a large format theatrical release because of the implications of what this film will wash out of people's hearts (secrecy, shame, hiddenness, woundedness) and a theater - especially where a couple is sitting together processing the realities of the film - is not the place for that. There's complexity we've been aware of since the outset of this journey that we're holding; we're hoping to identify the best route to release the film through before the year's end.

Interestingly enough, we're still in need of sizable financial gifts for the film to be finished, but we're somehow making ends meet. After 6 years of this pattern, we are strangely accustomed to the metaphor of daily manna rather than a year's supply of manna all at once - many of you who run businesses and NGOs can resonate here, right? This is the cornerstone and foundation of faith building with anything that's commissioned by God. Our hearts are believing fully that God has the power to carry out what he issued and we'll continue in hope that the funding of this film is largely about who God involves in the financing of it. The who matters more than the when.

How to Intercede

Hearts of Men is a million dollar sniper round intended to awaken the core of many Christians who are under the influence of the religious spirit. Religion puts God at the center of everything, but he's a God who's powerless, disengaged and impersonal. The intent of Hearts of Men is to resurrect the inner being of people who have stopped living, dreaming, adventuring with God - people who have known God in their minds but never known him as a Father (our team set out to make this film because we ourselves didn't know him as a Father).

So what we need is you to ask God to reveal himself to you and to us as a loving Father. That's it. This film cannot be an argument - it must be a scalpel. It must be a relational bridge. A prophetic declaration to many who re far off from God, living their lives in fear that the Father is relentless in his pursuit not only to justify them, but to know them. At the risk of offending, what good is justification of sins unless the one leveling the account can be known deeply and intimately? We want the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to know him more deeply.

Our next update ought to come at the end of the Fall. Thanks for standing with us on this journey - we are expectant...