Hearts of Men Trailer

We've just completed out first featurette (an extended trailer) for the Hearts of Men film. You'll be able to stream it on Vimeo (above) as well as read the press release on Faithit. Share as you feel led - we know that the film will do the talking.

Our editor has already completed about an hour worth of preliminary editing on the full film, and over the remainder of 2015 we'll be adding score, sound design, color grade and a few other production details as we plan for distribution. At this time, our hangup is a budgetary need to help distribute the film once we release it (we're aiming to release in early 2016) The quality of this film has always depended upon the funding we ascertain, and you can see our progress by checking the status bar on the home page. If we reach our monetary goal, we'll be able to market and distribute in a much more robust fashion.

Thanks for sticking with us on this wild ride. What an honor to be fighting this fight along each and every one of you! Please reach out to Jason if you've got any needs, questions or want to get involved. Thanks!