Today, Variety confirmed that the Heart of Man film will receive a nationwide release in roughly 500 theaters across the United States on September 14, 2017. This is a one night event and you can read more about the official release details here.


Tickets are ON SALE HERE  through Fathom's website.

Please don't be alarmed if the film is not showing in your exact area the evening of September 14th. 500 screens encompasses a broad swath of the US, but it's impossible to hit every metropolitan area with this initial one night release. Depending on the success of this event on the 14th, Fathom may add additional nights, cities, screens or events. This one night theatrical release is just the beginning and we hope a screening is available in your area! If you're buying tickets for larger groups, discounts may be available. All you need to do is email our producer Jason Pamer and he'll take care of the details with you.


Our team is working towards a much more robust release in the first quarter of 2018 that will include (at minimum): 

  • Physical release of the film on BluRay/DVD
  • Video On Demand release of the film (iTunes, Netflix, etc)
  • An exclusive megachurch tour of the film across the US between January and March of 2018
  • The release of the Heart of Man Roundtable Discussions. Our team filmed followup material in the format of roundtable conversations that include the same thought leaders in the film (and a few new ones, too). These discussions were expertly created and filmed to be experienced after the Heart of Man film. They act as a sort of "curriculum" that help the viewers dig deeper into their own stories, brokenness and healing. Our team loves these as much (if not more) than the actual Heart of Man film itself!


We're working tirelessly  to get the Heart of Man released globally, it's just a matter of money and time and it's not an easy process! We've had hundreds of offers to help translate the film into dozens of languages, but there are more difficulties than you'd imagine associated with a release of this scale. We're excited to engage this difficulty, and have been doing so for years. 

  • We CANNOT commit to releasing the Heart of Man internationally in theaters
  • We CAN commit to releasing the Heart of Man digitally all over the world once we have the funding and resources in place.

Our producer Jason Pamer can be emailed with any and all questions related to release of the film outside of the US. Know that it's our commitment to release the film in every area of the world possible (especially since many of you who donated to see the film come into existence are outside of America). We have not forgotten you, and we will not. This US theatrical release on September 14th is simply the first step to help the film roll out into the open. We are confident doors will open once the film releases in September that will enable us to move the film outside of this country, and for that opportunity, we are ecstatic!


You'll notice in forthcoming press releases that Sypher Studios has assumed responsibility of releasing the Heart of Man movie. Unearthed was created (and exists) to fund the creation and distribution of the film, but Unearthed is not a professional film studio with capacity to release a film of this grandeur. Sypher is a professional studio. Jens and Jason work with Sypher and are managing the entire process with diligence to ensure that the film sees daylight in as many places in the world as possible, and Unearthed will stick to doing what it does best, which is distributing your generosity with wisdom, frugality and excellence in tandem with Sypher. Unearthed funded the film (and is still funding the distribution), and Sypher Studios made (and is now distributing) the film. After we see the film released, the Unearthed board of trustees will meet in December of 2017 to discern the future of Unearthed and whether or not it needs to continue in its existence. We will make this decision with as much wisdom and patience as we can.