So...what can we actually do about it?

That’s the most frequently asked and most poorly answered question in the entire conversation on sexual exploitation.

In the summer of 2010, our team returned from a preliminary filming trip. Like most people who return from the front lines of injustice, we battled intense discouragement and frustration because of the sheer enormity of the problem we saw…to the extent that we considered throwing in the towel and parting ways.

But we saw that men were largely absent from the fight on sexual exploitation - so how could a group of us walk away? We decided to dig our heels in and stay. We slowed down, listened and researched how to best engage the men fueling the demand, because in this battle, when you get the men, you get everyone.

Our heartbeat is to see the hearts of men changed - and we want that change to result in a systemic shift in the landscape of sexual exploitation. Join the groundswell of men and women who are committed to having their hearts transformed by the love of God.