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A lot of us giving a little bit adds up fast.

In an economy where the average college student has $390 of disposable income on a monthly basis, this isn’t difficult. We always spend our money on what matters to us – so if you’re resonating with our work, we’d love for you to partner with us.

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Project Costs

Unearthed has produced a film called “The Heart of Man,” that invites us into what God is thinking about us and saying to us in our deepest shame, brokenness and woundedness. We have seen that when the hearts of God's children are changed, everything changes. We're now working to distribute the Heart of Man to everybody that wants it - and we are expectant to see healing come.

Administrative Costs

Only 1% of your gift goes to administrative overhead, so you can rest assured that we’re operating with fiscal integrity and proportioning your sacrifice for this project in ways that are eternally significant.

Interested in seeing a more detailed information about our financials? Feel free to download our 2012 Financial Report.